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Streamline your rental property search and rental applications with Renter Resume

All in one place

Streamline your rental search

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll set up email alerts and notifications, save your search criteria for next time, and help you track your enquiries and applications.

Help property managers get to know you

Your Renter Resume is a tool to bring your rental application to life. It helps prospective property managers find out more about you and why you’d make a great tenant.

Apply in just a few clicks

Once you’ve created your resume, you can send enquiries or a pre-filled application form with the click of a button. Your info is securely stored, so it's ready when you need it.

You can also attach your Renter Resume to the agent’s own tenant application form if they use one.

Pet Resume

Your pets are moving with you! Show off their personality with a photo and a bio. Let the property manager know if your pet is registered, vaccinated, insured and any qualifications they've achieved (even if it's only puppy pre-school).

Designed just for renters

Useful Renter Resume tools to make the move a little bit easier.

Lights on and a hot shower on moving day? RentConnect will get your power, gas and other utilities sorted before you move – guaranteed.

Approved for a property? You're approved for RentBond. Paying your rental bond off over 6 to 12 monthly instalments is a no-brainer.

Verify your ID and check for any reported breaches in your rental history. Purchase a RentCheck once and use it across multiple applications.


When you purchase a RentCheck you can also request to be endorsed as an awesome renter by your previous property managers.

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