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Check to see if you are shown as a good tenant

Check your name

$29 inc. GST

RentCheck is the same tenant report which property managers can use to check your identity, and view any reported breaches in your rental history on the National Tenancy Database.

RentCheck uses the Equifax National Tenancy Database (NTD), Australia's most comprehensive repository of tenant information.

Your RentCheck covers

Icon tenant history

Tenancy database history

It's possible you may have problems listed on your national tenancy file. Check now so you can explain any issues.

Icon id check

Identity verification

It's important to check your identity can be verified, or you may be rejected when you apply for a rental.

Icon gavel

Court information

Have you ever been in court for any reason? Check your tenancy report so you can explain any listings.

Get your RentCheck in 3 simple steps

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Step 1

Click 'Check your name' and enter your details

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Step 2

Order your RentCheck.
$29 inc. GST

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Step 3

Receive your RentCheck report via email in just a few minutes.

What should I do once I have my RentCheck?

There are three possible courses of action depending on what your RentCheck says about you. 

1. If your identity is verified and there are no negative notes:

Add your RentCheck to your applications and get ahead of the crowd!

2. If your identity is verified with negative notes:

You now have the opportunity to explain to a prospective landlord why you have notes on your record.

3. If your identity could not be verified:

See your RentCheck for information on how to correct this.