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Get $50 off your first energy bill in your new home!

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Internet

RentConnect can arrange your utility connections including electricity, gas, internet and more on the day you move in, for free! AND you'll get a $50 rebate on your first energy bill. Totally free!

  • We'll arrange everything for you
  • Get your choice of retailer with no lock-in terms and no exit fees
  • Fast, easy and free
  • $50 off your first bill!

You'll get access to competitive deals, even on utilities like your home phone, internet, and Pay TV. Avoid the frustration of ringing all your retailers and wasting time - we can do it all for you in minutes.

Just enter your details above to get a great deal on your utilities with your choice of retailer. It's fast, easy and again, totally free.

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No, this is a completely free service. However, any fees or charges that you have under agreement with your retailer will still apply.

Once you complete and submit the form, your request is immediately processed and sent to your chosen retailers on your behalf, and we'll keep you informed of the progress of your connections by email and sms.

If needed, we may get in touch via phone in some cases where we require a bit more information. But usually we'll get you connected without any need for a phone call.

Your electricity is guaranteed to be connected by the agreed moving in date*.

*If a supplier error is the cause of the non-connection, our provider will work with you to seek appropriate remedial actions.

Yes, we can arrange all your disconnections for you with the providers that we work with.

We provide you with a choice of all tier one retailers based on your address. We want you to be able to choose from the best providers and services available.

Yes, you will get the same published deals as you would have, if you had gone directly to the providers that we work with. It's just easier and faster to let RentConnect do it for you, free.

We only act on your behalf to arrange all your connections while you move.

Your account information & communication with your existing & your chosen new suppliers will continue as normal.

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Internet
  • Pay TV
  • Home phone
  • Water (VIC & NT tenants only)

If you want to amend a connection request, please call us on 1300 661 464

RentConnect is a free utilities connection service exclusively available through and is powered by our connections provider, FastConnect, who will act on your behalf when arranging all your connections.

With RentConnect, you're always signed onto the state government regulated default plan with a tier one provider. This means you are never locked into to any fixed term contract or charged an exit fee, should you choose to change plan in the future.

Once you have determined your meter configuration and usage pattern from your first bill(s), you can switch plans or retailers without penalty at any time if you find an alternate plan that suits you better.

It is highly recommended that when doing plan comparisons, you review the billing & meter data from your bill(s) at your new premises to ensure an accurate 'like for like' comparison.