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Make sure you really know who'll
be renting your property

It only takes a minute.

Check your tenant

$25 inc. GST

With identity fraud on the rise, RentCheck is a vital report used by many Real Estate professionals to verify their tenant's identity, as well as alerting them to reported breaches in the tenant’s rental history, including court records & bankruptcies.

As a landlord, you can now also access RentCheck to thoroughly screen your potential or existing tenants.

RentCheck is powered by the Equifax National Tenancy Database (NTD), the most extensive database of tenant information in Australia.*

Your RentCheck covers

Past tenant history

Have your potential tenants ever been evicted, broken leases early, abandoned premises, had disputes or other issues? RentCheck gives you information on any reported breaches.

Identity verification

RentCheck verifies the identity documents of your prospective tenants. Their identity is checked across a range of national databases to give you a comprehensive report.

Court and bankruptcy information

Have your tenants ever had any judgements, court writs, summons or financial troubles in the past? RentCheck shows you any listings which may be of concern.

Get your RentCheck in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Enter your tenant's details.

Step 2

Order your RentCheck.
Only $25 inc. GST

Step 3

Receive your RentCheck report in your inbox within minutes

*Please note that RentCheck does not include any information recorded on other tenancy databases that may be used by some agents, including TICA, TRA, and an agent’s own internal records.