Now, AUD$1.2 million might seem like a lot of money to dish out for a hole in the ground, but you must remember that this is a hobbit hole, “not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms.”

This particular hobbit hole, nestled in the beautiful village and civil parish of Holme, Cambridgeshire, is a dwelling with enough comforts to make any Baggins very proud.

The unique four-bedroom earth sheltered home sits on a site of almost one acre and faces south. It occupies a magnificent position with panoramic views over the Upper Holme Valley and rolling Pennine Hills of the Peak National Park. Sounds delightful. But wait, there’s more!

This house has featured around the world as an important contributor to the development of the theory of ‘Earth-sheltering,’ popping up in Japan, Australia, the United States and across Europe. It’s an award winning home, and it’s not hard to see why.

Image credit: WM Sykes & Son

A truly magnificent central area incorporates a large swimming pool, flooded with light from the 20ft roof light above, and the 20ft sliding windows to the front. The area is surrounded by beautiful stone arches.

Image credit: WM Sykes & Son
Image credit: WM Sykes & Son

Designed by architect Arthur Quarmby for his own family, the concept offers a suite of rooms for 2 children, and a suite of rooms for the owners, together with an additional dining area, breakfast kitchen, utility, music room, guest bedroom and shower room, and a stone vaulted cave with a peat fire.

Image credit: WM Sykes & Son
Image credit: WM Sykes & Son
Image credit: WM Sykes & Son

The asking price when it last listed on Right Move was 700,000 GBP, or about AUD$1.2 million – a small price to pay for a ‘Holme away from Holme,’ we think.