Most renters and homeowners are too busy trying to figure out where to live (and in a renters’ case who to live with) that we rarely notice decisions that may be affecting our financial wellness.

Have you ever thought when choosing a housemate that your credit score and consequently creditworthiness, might be affected negatively if they run late on paying the rent? Probably not. You just hope they’re not a snorer at this stage and as tidy as they promise to be.

The problem is, most Aussies don’t even realise the financial shape they’re in until it actually hits them, most often by surprise. Like when they apply for a personal loan, take out a credit card or look for a mortgage to buy their dream home. So it makes sense to be wiser with your financial fitness. That’s where WisrCredit comes in, a product developed by Wisr to help Aussies discover their financial wellness at every stage of their lives.

An immediate and free financial wellness check! 

One of the best ways to track your financial wellness is to check your credit score, which determines your creditworthiness. Most people have multiple credit scores from three official credit reporting bureaus in Australia. The easiest, fastest and cheapest (it’s free) way to check your creditworthiness is to get your credit scores on WisrCredit. It only takes a few minutes and the results might very well help you plan your next moves.

Smarter, fairer, wiser personal loans

Now that we’ve covered credit scores. We can shift gears and start talking about when a healthy credit score comes in handy. There are many life moments why we may need some extra and immediate funds. You might want to cover the cost of moving (or set up your place), buy that new car you’ve been eyeing off, or need that extra bit of funds to finance the gap for that deposit to buy your dream home. Whatever the reason, anyone at any time might be in need of some of that extra cash.

Wisr offers personal loans with personalised interest rates based on your creditworthiness. (That’s where the WisrCredit check comes in handy!).

Not to mention:

  • Wisr don’t charge any exit or early repayment fees.
  • Wisr offer a simple and easy to use online application process supported by exceptional customers service.
  • Wisr personal loans can be used for any worthwhile purpose

Check them out here!

We at are excited to partner with Wisr to offer our customers the best services and products that complement our own. We believe both and Wisr are on the same mission to help Aussies live where they want and how they want while still maintaining their financial wellness.

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