In an effort to improve the user experience for Renters, Landlords and Property Managers alike, has integrated a Walk Score® rating onto every rental property listed on the website. As a private landlord, your property’s Walk Score offers a number of points for discussion with your next tenant.

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Walk Score® helps Renters find walkable places to live. If you visit today and take a look at any currently listed rental property, you can drill down and see its walkability ranking and estimated commute times. Walk Score® calculates the walkability of any given address by locating nearby amenities such as shopping centres, restaurants, schools and parks.

Basically, Walk Score® measures how easy it is to live a ‘car-free’ lifestyle – not how ‘pretty’ the area is for walking.

You can read more about’s partnership with Walk Score®:
We’ve brought you Walk Score on every single property to make your life easier

As a landlord, what does this mean for me?

Whether you own an investment property, or you’re looking to buy your first home, here’s what’s partnership with Walk Score® means for you:

  1. New ventures, like’s partnership with Walk Score®, are part of a widespread effort to streamline the rental experience for the 7 million Australians (or around 30 per cent of the population) now renting.
  2. users can see the Walk Score for individual rental properties listed on, before submitting an enquiry or signing a rental lease
  3. For private landlords, this partnership means you can see your property’s Walk Score once the listing has loaded to
  4. users who are informed about their area are more likely to happily remain in their location for the longer term.
  5. A property with a high Walk Score offers benefits to our health, the environment, our finances and communities.

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How can I discuss Walk Score when I’m screening potential tenants?

Your listing on, now complete with a Walk Score, can enhance the value of your property. A home’s Walk Score is important because:

  • Walkability and public transport are associated with higher home values and higher asking rents;
  • Transportation costs are a large household expense; and
  • Commute time and places to walk are two of the most important criteria for Renters.

Why our Renters love a rental property with a high Walk Score

We recently surveyed our Renters, who ranked the reasons they love living a property with a high Walk Score:

  1. They have more time
  2. Their health is better
  3. They’re happier
  4. They’ve lessened their environmental impact
  5. They feel more connected with their community

But let’s not forget, higher Walk Scores don’t only add monetary value to your investment. A suburb with a high Walk Score tends to attract healthier, more vibrant residents. The Walk Score website says that residents of a walkable neighbourhood weigh 2.5 – 4.5kg less than someone who lives in a car-dependent area.

Furthermore, a walkable neighbourhood has a greater sense of social vivacity because increased pedestrian traffic offers a sense of security and facilitates neighbourly interactions.

Renters love knowing what they can walk to and how central they are to supermarkets, transport, cafes, restaurants and schools. We’re all time poor. So, having the Walk Score for your property highlighted on is a point of difference. It makes it easy for your tenants to understand how central they are to everything!

What’s your rental property’s Walk Score?

TELL US: As a landlord, have you noticed an increase in demand for rental property walkability?