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Pet owners in Western Australia are invited to ‘pause for ‘paws’ and have their say on the effectiveness of WA’s cat and dog laws.

The Cat Act 2011 and Dog Act 1976 are designed to assist with the control and management of cats and dogs in WA, primarily carried out by local governments.

The cat law included mandatory microchipping and sterilisation of all cats aged six months and over, as well as registration of cats with the relevant local government.

The aim was to reduce the impact of unwanted cats on the community and environment and encourage responsible pet ownership.

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Amendments to the Dog Act made in 2013 included compulsory microchipping of all dogs and stricter control of dangerous dogs to improve community safety.

The State Government is reviewing how effective these amendments have been in the control and management of cats and dogs in WA.

Local Government Minister David Templeman said the State Government was committed to ensuring this legislation remains up to date and fit for purpose in the control and management of cats and dogs in WA:

“From encouraging responsible pet ownership, keeping the community and other animals safe, reuniting lost pets with their owners to reducing the number of animals that are admitted to shelters and euthanised, the legislation impacts the whole community.

“We are now seeking community feedback to ensure that the operation and effectiveness of these laws meet community expectations. Local governments do a terrific job in administering the laws in their local communities and their feedback is also encouraged.”

Have your say, read the paper and complete the short survey on WA’s cat and dog laws here. 

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