While we should all try to celebrate love and its many splendours throughout the year, Valentine’s Day asks us to celebrate it in a BIG way.

For many of us, February 14 is one of the more stressful days on the calendar – no one really knows what’s ‘too much’ or ‘not enough.’ If you want to try something different this year because you’ve just moved house, are saving for a home deposit or have spent all your savings over the holidays, we’re here to help.

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Get crafty

If you like seeing your hard work pay off, this one is for you. If you’re unsure what to do for your SO, cruise the Pinterest boards or YouTube for fun, easy ideas that will have them talking about it for weeks. Some projects might be a little tricky and take time, but your loved one is going to appreciate the sentiment and effort you put in. Bonus.

Be sentimental

We get it. Gift-giving can be really hard on Valentine’s Day. You want to make your SO happy, but you also want to give them a good gift that won’t break the bank. What has sentimental value for you? It might be the movie you saw on your first date. Find it on Netflix, grab some popcorn and recreate the night. Go ten pin bowling like you did the first time you kissed or check out a show featuring an artist you both like. That’ll show you pay attention and remember the big (and small) moments in your relationship.

Groupon is king

Not gonna lie – there’s a lot of weird stuff on there, but if you’re after something fun and different to do and facing a tight budget, Groupon is a great spot to look. Go find a special on an activity (ice skating, indoor skydiving or a couple’s massage) and you might find your new favourite thing.

Write it all down

A well-written love letter might sound a little antiquated but it’s a practice we should try to bring back. Imagine how you’d feel if you received an actual written note or letter with a tangible representation of your partner’s feelings. Pretty cool. Seeing it all written down is a great reminder of how much you care. It might take some time, so think about it in advance, but it’s a great gift full of love that’s really easy on your wallet.

Photo by Tim Collins on Unsplash

Pack a picnic

Grab some delicious nibbles, a blanket (something cute and comfy) and head out to your favourite spot. Why not go down to the local beach or a pretty park? Looking closer to home? Spice up the romance with some tealight candles in a jar in your backyard.

Go out for dessert

If you want to go easy on your V-Day spending, you don’t have to miss out on checking out a fancy restaurant. Opt to go along for a dessert instead! It’s far cheaper than a three-course meal, but it’ll be just as special.

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