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“Is there a set required vacate notice period in Queensland as some real estate agents say it is 2 months and some say 1 month?” – Nahum (QLD)

What is the vacate notice period in Queensland?

Mareea said the time frame for a vacate in Queensland varies depending on the reason for the vacate.

“If a fixed term agreement is in place, a tenant is required to give a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice prior to the end of that tenancy,” she said.

“If under the same fixed term agreement, an owner/agent wishes to give notice, that time frame is 2 months’ notice prior to the end of the tenancy in question.”

Mareea said in the case of a periodic agreement, a tenant needs to give a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice and an owner/agent must give a minimum of 2 months’ notice.

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