Keen to save money and time? Get simple and affordable internet access with TPG’s Home Wireless Broadband. The perfect solution to connecting to the internet when you’re renting!

What is it? Home Wireless Broadband is a broadband access service that connects your home to the internet in a few simple steps – no technician appointment required. This is particularly appealing for renters, saving the hassle of connecting and disconnecting your internet plan each time you move house.

Take the Internet with you when you move

If you like the flexibility that renting allows and wish your internet plan was just as flexible, then read on, because home wireless broadband is all about having complete freedom to take your internet plan with you wherever you go in Australia – meaning your next house move just got a whole lot easier!

Another great feature of home wireless broadband is that you are connected as soon as you move into your new place, so no more waiting around with no WIFI for days on end while your phone line gets connected.

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Don’t like sharing? No problem.

If you happen to be sharing with friends who use a lot of data, then that’s another great reason to consider a home wireless broadband plan. With an NBN or traditional broadband connection, you’re often sharing the account with others in the house. But a home wireless broadban plan works a little differently. Sure, you can share it with your housemates to save on costs. But if you want to have your own data allocation, a home wireless broadband plan means all you need is a power socket, so you can set up an internet connection just for you.

So, what’s the best mobile option for renters?

Now that you know the basics of home wireless broadband plans, shopping around for the right deal to suit you and your internet usage is hopefully a lot easier.

If you’re looking for a plan with a decent data allocation and a modem included, TPG has home wireless broadband plans starting at $54.99 per month.

Check out the range of TPG Home Wireless Broadband plans here.

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