Could you afford a rental in a highly-ranked school zone? has scoped out property prices around some of Australia’s top ranked high schools to find you the best rental bargains around in the New Year.

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While carefree students spend most of their summer break relishing time away from homework, the reality for many parents – who are already thinking about the upcoming school year – is a little different.

The pressure of finding a good public or private school, weighed up against the decision to move to a different school district is a hassle many parents know all too well. Getting the best education for your kids is high on the list for most. Problem is; it’s not cheap.

Rental prices in top-ranked high school suburbs are frequently higher than those served by lower-ranked schools.

The good news for parents is that within these suburbs, there are rental properties which are relatively affordable – and they’re in good areas.

To help you out, we scoped out the median rent prices in the suburbs around top-ranked high schools in five of Australia’s largest cities. But even better? has uncovered some property steals by comparing the suburb’s median rent and identifying some great homes under $400/pw – a difference amounting to hundreds of dollars.


New South Wales

New South Wales maintains its reputation of being an expensive city for renting singles, families and friends, with the city recording a median rent of $550/pw in Quarter 4 (October – December 2016). The actual rent families would pay if they moved to a neighbourhood with a top-rated school would be around $610/pw on average, 10.3 per cent higher than the city median. NSW state capital, Sydney, home to Conservatorium High School, comes in second for highest rents on the list, but rent prices seem to be uniformly spread across most top-rated school areas. North Curl Curl topped the list with median rents around $450/pw to live in the same suburb as Northern Beaches Secondary College.

Conversely, parents looking to send their children to Hornsby Girls High School, which ranked high on the list of secondary schools in NSW, would find the cheapest rentals in Hornsby, a median rent of $470/pw. Similar priced suburbs included Kogarah (St George Girls High School – $480/pw and Girraween (Girraween High School – $480/pw). Overall, rent prices in NSW are the highest of all the five cities analysed.


Affordable rentals (under $400/pw) in top New South Wales suburbs:


In terms of lowest overall suburb prices, Victoria leads, followed by Western Australia and South Australia. On average, in good school neighbourhoods, Melbourne, Kew and Canterbury accrue some additional costs. Melbourne CBD recorded a median rent of $390/pw in Quarter 4 (October – December 2016).

If you move to a suburb home to one of Melbourne’s top-rated schools, you could expect to pay around $450/pw on average, or 14.3 per cent more than the city median price. Kew, home to Trinity Grammar School and Ruyton Girls’ School were equally matched on price, with renters expected to pay roughly $520/pw to live in the area. You can expect to find some good rental bargains, in areas such as Ballarat (Ballarat Clarendon College); St Kilda East (Yeshivah College, Beth Rivkah Ladies College and Caulfield Grammar School); and Hawthorn East (Bialik College).


Cheap rentals (under $350/pw) in top Victorian suburbs:

  • Ballarat (Ballarat Clarendon College)
  • Burwood (Mount Scopus Memorial College)
  • Canterbury (Strathcona Baptist Girls’ Grammar School)
  • Caulfield (Shelford Girls’ Grammar)
  • Elsternwick (Leibler Yavneh College)
  • Glen Iris (Korowa Anglican Girls’ School and Sacre Coeur)
  • Hawthorn East (Bialik College)
  • Kew (Ruyton Girls’ School and Trinity Grammar School)
  • Melbourne(Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School)
  • South Yarra (Melbourne High School and Melbourne Girls Grammar)
  • St Kilda East (Yeshivah College, Beth Rivkah Ladies College and Caulfield Grammar School)
  • Toorak (Loreto Mandevillle Hall)



Queensland parents could find the cheapest rental properties in Clayfield, home to all-girls secondary school, St Rita’s College. Median prices in Clayfield were $360/pw in Q4. If you wanted to move to a suburb with a top-rated school in Brisbane, you’d be looking at spending an average of $430/pw – some 7.2 per cent more than the city’s median price.

Out of the 20 schools compared, Carindale, home to Citipointe Christian College in Brisbane’s east was the most unaffordable option for families. Rental properties were priced at around $630/pw on average, followed closely by Rochedale (Redeemer Lutheran College) at $610/pw.

If inner city living is key, Brisbane City – home to St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace – would set you back around $595/pw. St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School in north-eastern suburb Ascot ranked high on the list of top schools (costing around $395/pw on average), as did Spring Hill (Brisbane Grammar School and Brisbane Girls Grammar School) for $400/pw. Overall, prices remained relatively steady in QLD’s top school district.


Cheap rentals (under $350/pw) in top Queensland suburbs:

Western Australia

Western Australian families looking to settle in high-end Perth suburbs will find a good range of available rental properties, with most top-ranked schools situated in areas priced under $500/pw. The state’s capital recorded a median rent of $365/pw in Quarter 4 (October – December 2016). The actual rent you might expect to pay if you move into a neighbourhood hosting a top-rated WA school would be around $440/pw, 11.6 per cent higher than the city median.

Renowned for its high housing and rental prices, western suburb Peppermint Grove was unsurprisingly at the top of the price list in WA with Presbyterian Ladies’ College calling the suburb home. Many of Perth’s western suburbs hotspots ranked as most expensive on the list, including Mount Claremont (John XXIII College), Swanbourne (Scotch College) and City Beach (International School of Western Australia).

If you’re on the hunt for a good school (and a bit of a bargain!) you might want to check out the likes of Fremantle (John Curtin College of the Arts), Willetton (Willetton Senior High School) or Subiaco (Perth Modern School).


Cheap rentals (under $350/pw) in top Western Australian suburbs:

South Australia

South Australia – home to good schools in good areas, and even better – the lowest median rent of all the states compared in this piece. SA’s median rent across the list of top schools was around $398.75, a contrast to $610 in NSW (or 41.8 per cent). If you want to move a suburb with one of Adelaide’s top-rated schools, you can expect to pay around 15.9 per cent more than the city median price.

On average, across good school neighbourhoods, the likes of Glen Osmond (Seymour College) and North Adelaide (St Dominic’s Priory College) accrue a few extra dollars each week. Glenunga International High School in its suburb namesake ranked most expensive in the state with a median asking rent of $525/pw.

If you’re on the hunt for lower prices in one of Adelaide’s top schools, Springfield, South Plympton, Aberfoyle Park and Wynn Vale all hold the reins under $350/pw, hosting Mercedes College, Emmaus Christian College, Meridian School and King’s Baptist Grammar School respectively.


Cheap rentals (under $350/pw) in top South Australian suburbs: