Of all the renting tips and advice, property news and lifestyle stories we posted on the Rent.com.au blog in 2018, here are the top 10. 

#10 What happens after you apply for a rental property?

Once you’ve created your Renter Resume and submitted an application, you’ll naturally want to know if you’ve been accepted into the property you want. The big question is how long it’ll take to find out and what’s acceptable when it comes to following up? Here’s what happens after you submit your rental application.

#9 I’ve been blacklisted, will I be able to rent again?

With several different tenancy databases across Australia, it’s normal to wonder if a listing on TICA or the NTD will stop you from securing a rental in the future. Here’s what to do if you’re wondering how a listing on a tenancy database will affect your future applications.

#8 Can I apply for a rental without viewing it first?

If you’re unable to view a rental property yourself because you’re working or don’t live locally, it can be difficult to progress with your applications. Here’s the answer to a Q&A on applying for properties without viewing them first.

#7 Your shared responsibilities in a tenancy

When you move into your rental property, the landlord or property manager must have ensured the premises are habitable and in a reasonable state of cleanliness and repair. Here’s an outline of your shared responsibilities in a tenancy.

#6 Rental inspection checklist – Handy hacks

Learning to go over your property with a critical eye can help you get the most out of your next property inspection. Here’s a handy checklist to help with your future routine inspections.

#5 The pros and cons of month-to-month (periodic) agreements

In Australia, periodic agreements do offer tenants some flexibility. But what other advantages and disadvantages are worth considering before you sign your next lease? Here are the pros and cons of periodic agreements.

#4 Writing a rent reduction letter

Are you living in an area where rents are falling? You might wonder if there are ways to negotiate a better deal on what you’re paying. If your lease renewal is up, it may be worth negotiating a change with your landlord or property manager. Here’s how to write a rent reduction letter.

#3 Your rental ledger – Why you should be asking for a copy

One of the most valuable things you can have at the end of your tenancy is a rental ledger (or tenant ledger) that shows your rent has always been paid on time. Here’s why a rental ledger is a good thing to have for your next property application.

#2 Who is responsible for pest control, landlords or tenants?

The term ‘pest control’ covers a number of types of animal infestations and outbreaks. Pests and vermin may become evident in rental properties at some stage during a tenancy. But who is responsible for managing pest control?

#1 Applications: How long before I am approved for a property?

We get it – waiting for an answer can be hard. In this Q&A, we take a look at the average wait time for an application to be processed and approved.

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