If you want to get more involved with DIY, whether as a hobby or to save money, there are certain tools you’re going to need.

The number of tools available to property owners is fairly extensive, however, which can make it difficult to know which pieces are worth investing in.

To help get you started, here are some essential tools to help you carry out your next home improvement project.

Cordless drill

A cordless drill can be used for all kinds of home improvement projects. While you can still buy the corded versions, there are definitely good reasons to invest in a cordless drill. They pack the same amount of power as a corded drill, but you won’t be restricted by how far the cord can reach. A big plus is that cordless options aren’t prohibitively expensive by comparison to their corded cousins.

While you can purchase cheap cordless drills, it’s worth spending a little extra to ensure you’re buying a good quality model.


Hacksaws are a great investment and can prove essential when it comes to your next home improvement project. A hacksaw can be used in so many different ways, and unlike a power saw, this tool is completely portable.

You won’t feel limited by power outlets with a hacksaw either, which means you can get to work wherever (and whenever) you like – there’s no need to wait for them to power up.  When you go to purchase a hacksaw, it can be a good idea to buy some extra blades too. You can pick up spare blades from online stores such as RS.

Pry bar

Out of all of the tools on this list, a prybar is likely the last thing you’ve considered buying. But you’d probably be surprised at just how useful they can be for home improvements. They’re especially great at pulling out nails, for example.

While a claw hammer may be able to do more-or-less the same thing, it’s certainly not as versatile as a pry bar. There’s also a risk that the hammerhead could get in the way, so when tossing up between a claw hammer and a pry bar, choose the latter!

Ideally, you’ll want to opt for a flat pry bar. This will help you to carry out all kinds of tasks, such as lifting a slab door or even moving delicate objects.


No house should be without a good screwdriver set. You’ll want a range of different ones to help you carry out a variety of different jobs. Search online for screwdriver sets and you’ll find there are plenty to choose from. Remember, don’t opt for the cheapest set, quality should always come before price.

A voltage tester

Finally, you’ll want to invest in a voltage tester. This is essential if you’re planning to hang pictures or put anything into the walls of your property. A voltage tester will essentially tell you whether there’s a live current behind the wall. If there is, the last thing you’ll want to do is hammer into it!

So, there you have it – some of the most essential tools you’ll need for your home improvements. There’s many more, but the above are certainly enough to get you started.

Murray LeClair
Murray LeClair
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