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“What should I do if I need a few extra days to move out of my rental in VIC?” – Tenant, VIC

We asked Director & General Manager – Property Management at Jellis Craig Sophie Lyon for her advice.

“If you need additional days to vacate your rental, you need to make the request of your property manager/landlord as soon as possible for a few reasons,” Sophie said.

“The property may have already been let and a late vacate by a departing tenant means that final inspections, or the occupancy of the new tenant, will be affected,” she said.

“This has a huge knock-on effect, so extending may not be possible.”

“There may also be worked planned and putting this work off may incur costs for the owner.”

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“Your rent has also been calculated to your vacate date, so additional rent would need to be worked out and paid immediately, assuming you are able to stay on past your vacate date.”

Sophie said going to your agent or landlord will be met with greater consideration if a tenant has not yet been secured, and if you are agreeable to inspections during this time.

“This way, the re-letting isn’t affected,” she said.

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Sophie Lyon
Sophie Lyon
General Manager of Property Management at Jellis Craig | (03) 9452 4000 | [email protected]

Sophie Lyon is the General Manager of Property Management at Jellis Craig in Hawthorn, Victoria. She has also served as the Director of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) in Camberwell, Victoria, since 2016. Sophie is professionally active and is a former Vic President of the REIV and an REIV-accredited trainer. Before her time with Jellis Craig, Sophie worked with Philip Webb Real Estate for more than 10 years in Mitcham.