The Headington Shark appears to have crash landed in the roof of this terraced home – and he’s looking for a new roommate. 

sharkhouse, shark, funny, fun, rental
The shark house in Headington, Oxford, is available to rent for £2,300 per month

If you have a little spare money and live in the suburb of Oxford, you could be the proud tenant of the ‘Shark House’.

At a going rate of £2,300 (or around $3,886) per month – around $971 per week – this unlikely landmark is a key feature on a rather unremarkable street, reports The Telegraph.

It has been 30 years since the shark was installed without full planning permission. Determined home owner, Bill Heine, was rejected in a six-year legal battle, The Telegraph reported.

“The government inspector eventually ruled that “any system of control must make some small place for the dynamic, the unexpected, the downright quirky”. The council, which wanted the shark installed next to the municipal swimming pool, was finally defeated,” the report said.

The fibreglass shark’s tail, which at 25ft high is the same height as the house, and was created by John Buckley.

The artwork, which includes the terraced house, complete with shark, is titled Untitled1986. 

sharkhouse, shark, funny, fun, rental

“When we took it from where we got it made, it was put on the back of a 12ft-long truck, with the tail hanging off,” says Heine, an American who is a local radio presenter.

“We didn’t tell anyone what it was going to be. We told the driver to avoid the police,” Heine said to The Telegraph.

Heine told the Telegraph that when it first appeared, most people were “aghast”.

That has changed dramatically. “Now people talk about ‘our’ shark. It’s a part of the community,” he says.

Heine has been looking for a new tenant since before Christmas, but has yet to find the right person. “I’ve had a lot of inquiries but found no one right,” he said.

The Shark House is available from