More often than not, tenants and landlords want a well-maintained property that is securely leased, and provides income and return on investment. Both want to be treated courteously and respectfully. So how do you, as a tenant, maintain a professional relationship with your landlord?

Photo: Pixabay/Pexels.

Here are 4 things that should keep your relationship cordial:

Remember that nothing is resolved with anger
Sometimes things will go wrong, or repairs may take longer than expected. Communicating calmly will help both parties resolve issues faster. In conversations over potentially contentious issues, try to maintain a level tone and be polite – basically, being adults.

Mutual respect goes a long way
As a tenant, where possible you should show consideration for the owner’s investment. If you show disrespect to the property by mistreating it (think carpet stains, smashed windows, etc), you won’t be in the owner’s good books. It could also result in termination of your lease.

Keep your expectations in check
Everyone is busy. Realistically, you can’t expect the owner to be at your beck and call for every issue, no matter how small. It’s likely the landlord has other work commitments, and property managers are usually dealing with hundreds of properties at any given time. High expectations can create a frazzled relationship that induces a sigh from the landlord every time they see a name pop up on their phone.

Get everything in writing
The first rule in all of this is to forget the ‘handshake’ agreement, and get everything in writing. This will protect you with names and dates if a promise or action goes unfulfilled.

The bottom line? Tenant-landlord relationships rely on calm communication, honesty and respect. If you understand that your landlord is generally doing their best and set about keeping them happy, you’ll keep the relationship sweet.