“I have given notice to end my tenancy. Now that this has occurred, do I have to allow an agent to bring prospective tenants through the house as and when they like? Can they bring people through when I’m not available (i.e. at work) and I’ve said no? ” Tenant, NSW

We asked Webbs Real Estate Senior Property Manager Amy Johnson, for her advice:

“In accordance with the Residential Tenancy Agreement signed at the commencement of the tenancy, the landlord/agent is permitted to show the premises to prospective tenants on a reasonable number of occasions if the tenants are given reasonable notice on each occasion,” Amy said.

“This is allowed during the last 14 days of the agreement.”

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“I have previously sought further information from Fair Trading to clarify what a ‘reasonable number’ is and what ‘reasonable notice’ is defined as,” Amy said. “While they said that there was no set number or notice period specified in the Residential Tenancies Act, they would suggest two inspections per week would be reasonable and 48 hours’ notice seems fair.”

“If reasonable notice is given, the tenant does not need to be in attendance at the time of the inspection.”

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Amy Johnson
Senior Property Manager at

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