Are you getting ready to apply for your next rental property? Learn how to use your good tenancy history to increase your chances of getting approved fast.

Landlords and agents focus on two things when screening applicants: your ability to pay rent and your track record of property maintenance. Luckily, there are practical steps you can take to simplify and speed up this process.

Verify your ID and tenancy database history

Your proof of ID documentation is crucial when applying for rental properties. Agents require a 100-point check, which includes documents like a driver’s licence, passport, and Medicare card.

But don’t worry. has got you covered with RentCheck! This powerful online tool gives you and your landlord/agent peace of mind.

  • Your identification: With RentCheck, you can verify your identity by checking your name against government data sources.
  • Court information: RentCheck also checks for court information, flagging financial or legal issues such as bankruptcy proceedings, court judgments, and writs.
  • Tenancy database history: Additionally, RentCheck looks into your tenancy database history, so you can be aware of any past problems like irregular payments, broken lease conditions, money owing, damages, and termination notices.

Being prepared with this information will give you an edge with your prospective landlord/agent and help you explain any issues.

Ask for a copy of your rental ledger

Want to increase your chances of securing your dream rental property? Your rental ledger is a crucial document to have in your arsenal. It shows not only your financial reliability but also your ability to pay rent on time consistently. Your rental ledger details all transactions and costs associated with your lease agreement, providing a complete history of your rental payments, maintenance costs, and other expenses.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to impress your future landlord/agent with your financial history. Always request a copy of your rental ledger from your property manager and keep it for future reference. Having a physical copy can come in handy when the rental market is competitive and securing a property is challenging.

Most agencies have software that can print out a report of your rental ledger, so don’t hesitate to ask your agent for a copy. Remember, having a rental ledger is a simple way to strengthen your rental application and increase your chances of securing your ideal property.

Demonstrate good financials

Don’t panic if your landlord or agent can’t provide you with a rental ledger. You can still prove that you’re financially responsible and can pay rent on time.

One effective way to do this is by providing a copy of your bank statement, which shows your payment history and savings. If your payments are always on time and you have enough funds in your account, you’re in a good position to impress your prospective landlord or agent.

It’s also important to demonstrate that you have a stable income. Share your current payslips to showcase your financial standing and ability to afford the rent. If your employer doesn’t provide payslips, request a letter that states your salary and confirms your financial reliability. is Australia's largest company dedicated to renters and is owned and operated by ASX-listed Limited (RNT:ASX). For over 15 years, has exclusively focused on making renters' lives easier by making it easier to find a property, secure it, move in and pay rent.


  1. I think it might help if you know that I currently live in the UK and have just sold my house. If I move to AU, it will be to rent. However, I have no rental history, and my mortgage details are locked in a database. Nonetheless, I have a very healthy bank balance, savings, and my pension