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How do I get my rental bond back?

"I'm vacating my property soon. Can you offer me any tips for getting my bond back?" We asked John Gilmovich for his advice.

I don’t agree with my bond refund

What happens when you vacate a rental property and disagree with the assessment of the bond refund? Can you argue your position?

Rent in advance: How much should I be paying?

When you sign a rental lease, you'll be asked to pay a rental bond, plus a set amount of rent in advance. As with...

Manage your moving costs with RentBond

RentBond, rent.com.au’s flexible bond finance solution for renters makes moving easy. If you need a short-term loan while you wait for your bond refund, RentBond is completely free when you pay it back within 21 days.
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What is a rental bond and how does it work?

Time to get down to the nitty-gritty financials – the rental bond. So what is it, and how does it work? Are there options if you can't...

Bond loans QLD – Fast approval & 21 days interest-free

Living in Queensland and planning to move? No matter whether you’re in Brisbane or Bowen, RentBond makes paying your rental bond and moving costs simple.

My agent forgot to lodge my rental bond to Fair Trade. What do I...

"My agent forgot to report my rental bond to the usual place. What can I do?"

RentBond: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Want to apply for a RentBond loan through rent.com.au? Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked most often about RentBond.

RentBond: Am I eligible to apply and be approved for a bond loan?

"Am I eligible to apply and be approved for a bond loan?" If you need a simple and flexible way to pay for your...

Will my bond have to cover wear and tear on my carpet?

"I have wear and tear on my carpet and my vacate date is coming up. Will money have to be taken out of my bond to cover this?" Tenant, NSW.