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How to find a rental property online

Looking for a new home online? Rent.com.au makes the rental property search simple, letting you search within specific suburbs and price points to browse through houses and apartments for lease.

Your online security: Protect yourself in your property search

Online rental listings are a popular target for scammers. Applying for a rental property online is convenient, but there are important steps to keep you (and your money) safe during your search. 

RentCheck – Jump the rental application queue

RentCheck can take the stress out of your application, verifying your rental tenancy database record and identification ahead of time to help you jump the queue.

No rental history – How to get a rental property

Renting for the first time? If you're starting to apply for properties but don't have rental history to back you up, here's how to show you'll be a great tenant.

Australia’s most (and least) romantic street names

Love has inspired countless selfless gestures and works of art over the years. But have you thought about its influence on our street and...

What to look for when searching for your first rental

Whether you’re fresh out of university or moving out of your parents’ place to go into full-on adult mode, renting a new place that...

How much does renting actually cost?

Your weekly rent isn’t the only thing you have to budget for when you sign your next lease. Here are some of the potential...

How much should my rental bond cost?

Where you live in Australia plays an important role in what you’ll be charged for your rental bond. Here’s what you need to know.

The best money habits to have while renting an apartment

Saving money for a home deposit, a new car or a holiday can be tough. If you're renting your home, paying the bills and trying to save at the same time, developing good money habits is key.

Will I be accepted for a property if I only have...

"My partner and I need to move soon, but at the moment my partner doesn’t have an income. Will we have trouble finding a...