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Change of mind – can I get out of my lease...

“I’ve paid the bond and signed the contract for my rental. But I’ve changed my mind." We asked Jenni Hansen for her advice.

Can I negotiate the rent on my lease agreement?

Principal at Ray White South Perth, Lisa Kerr offers advice on whether to negotiate rent with your landlord or property manager.

How to use tenancy databases accurately and fairly

Tenancy databases are a risk management tool for property managers and owners, designed to screen the tenancy history of prospective tenants.

Renting consultation casts a spotlight on billion dollar bond industry

The Palaszczuk Government’s Open Doors to Renting Reform consultation is casting a spotlight on Queensland’s multi-million dollar bond industry in its final week before...

How often can my landlord increase the rental price?

Renting a property is no doubt expensive, but costs can become unmanageable when the rent you pay is continually increased by the Landlord. Guest post...

My tenant cut down my tree. Can I ask for compensation?

"My tenant has cut down a large tree on my property. It was a key feature of the backyard, offered privacy and was the...

Can I ask to see the water bill during my tenancy?

"Do I have a right to see the full water bill? My agent won't show it to me." We asked Lisa Kerr for her advice.

What to do when your tenant can’t pay the rent

A tenant who can’t pay the rent is a key concern for landlords. After all, you have expenses that need paying whether the tenant has paid their rent or not.

Can I inspect my property whenever I like?

Reader Question "My property is being managed by an agent. Can I inspect my property whenever I like?" When can you inspect your property? We asked...

What is a Residential Tenancy Agreement?

A Residential Tenancy Agreement (commonly referred to as a lease agreement or lease document) is a written agreement between you and the property owner.