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Nearly 60% of Australian renters adversely affected by COVID-19

The majority of renters in Australia are finding it harder to pay the rent due to COVID-19, a survey conducted by Australia’s leading rental property website Rent.com.au, has revealed.

How much do you know about your tenancy history?

Ready to apply for your next property? Here are Rent.com.au's hot tips to help you secure your dream home with minimal fuss and jump...

RentCheck – Jump the rental application queue

RentCheck can take the stress out of your application, verifying your rental tenancy database record and identification ahead of time to help you jump the queue.

Why are my rental applications always rejected?

"I've been applying for properties, but I'm having no luck. Why do I keep getting rejected by every real estate agent and landlord when I apply for a rental property?"

What could get me blacklisted on a rental tenancy database?

While the occasional late rent payment is unlikely to earn you a listing on a tenancy database, consistently late payments might. Many Australian tenants...

Documents you need to apply for a rental property in Australia

Ready to apply for a rental property? An agent may ask you to provide additional documents to help with the application process.  When you find the...

Screening questions for past landlords, employers and friends

Don't underestimate the importance of the screening process when filling your vacant property. Being thorough with your potential tenant's references will go a long...

Use RentCheck to avoid unnecessary risk in tenant selection

Ready to approve a new tenant for your investment property? Don’t miss RentCheck, a tool from rent.com.au that screens tenant applicants before they sign a lease.

Boost your rental application with Rent.com.au’s Endorsements feature

Are you a good tenant? When you buy upgrade your Renter Resume by purchasing a RentCheck, you can request endorsements from your previous property manager to support your rental application.

9 strategies to score a rental in a competitive market

Been reading about increasing house prices? As some states struggle with housing affordability, renting is becoming a more appealing option. But in a competitive...