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Rental applications – What happens after you apply?

Submitted a rental property application and started the waiting process? You might be wondering how long it takes to process your application and when you'll get an answer.

Can I apply for a rental without viewing it first?

"Is it possible to apply for a rental property without viewing it in person? I work full time and can’t make viewings during the day."

Rental applications: How long before I’m approved?

"How long should it take to have a rental application approved or processed? When is an acceptable time to follow-up on the property?"

Rent in advance: How much should I be paying?

When you sign a rental lease, you'll be asked to pay a rental bond, plus a set...

What happens when the landlord wants to sell your rental property?

If the owner wants to put your rental property on the market for sale, don't panic. It's...

Renter Resume – Create a rental application on Rent.com.au

Renting is easier when you have a Renter Resume. Create it once, and use it to apply for as many properties as you like.

No rental history: How to get a rental property

Renting for the first time? If you're starting to apply for properties but don't have rental history to back you up, here's how to show you'll be a great tenant.

Renter Resume – How to write an application bio

Applying for a property can be as competitive as applying for a job, so it's worth approaching your Renter Resume in much the same way.

Renter Resume – How to create a winning rental application

Use these tips to get your Renter Resume in the best shape possible for your move

Renting under 18: How old do I have to be to...

How old do you have to be to rent a property? The answer will depend on where you live in Australia. Here's what you need to know.