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Houseplants were our link with nature in lockdown

They’re not the first generation to keep houseplants, but millennials seem to have earned a reputation for gratuitous indoor foliage.

Pot plants: Why they’re a renter’s best friend

Portable, potted plants are the ideal solution for people who rent or have no soil. Here are some easy ways to grow and display your potted plants.

Amazing succulent trees to inspire your Christmas decor

The latest alternative to the Christmas tree to take the internet by storm is the succulent tree - and it's easy to see why....

Beautiful rental apartment decor on a budget

An adjective that describes what renting an apartment in Australia is like is challenging. Not only is it hard to find an apartment that fits your standards and your budget, but you also can’t do much to make it feel like yours.

An April home checklists for renters and landlords

April brings us one month into autumn, and while the temperature hasn’t really dropped across much of Australia, the season will change.

Top 5 Tips to Style Your Small Space

It is often challenging when you have a beautiful vision for your home but struggle to fit it all into one small space. Guest post...

7 apartment-friendly plants that’ll help keep your air clean and fresh

With all the fumes of city life and the relatively cramped spaces of many rental properties, we all want to make the most of all the space we’ve got.

Could ‘glow in the dark’ plants replace street lights?

New research from MIT may, one day, lead to the replacement of public street lights with luminescent plants.  According to a new report from the...

Bring these plants to your office to fight nasties

An excellent way to combat both sick days and stress is by filling your office with plants. Ideally, you want plants that will “scrub” the air of pathogens.

Pesticide-free gardening: Natural ways to fight off pests

Many gardeners have an aversion to chemicals. These gardeners may be devoted to pesticide-free growing, want to plant (and eat) edibles, or simply like...