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Pet Resume – Create one with your next rental application

Have you had trouble finding a pet-friendly rental property? Pet Resume can help you (and your pet) put your best paw forward in the rental application process. What is a Pet Resume? A Pet Resume is...

Australia’s most popular pet names revealed: Did yours make the list?

Is there a pet in your family named Bella or Buddy? What about a Max or Ruby? Rent.com.au has released the most popular names for pets with...

200,000 Pet Resumes – and Dogs still rule

Dogs reign supreme as Australia's most loved household pet, with cats sitting in second place, according to new data from Rent.com.au.

What is Love Your Pet Day and how do we celebrate it?

February 20 is Love Your Pet Day, the national day designed for pampering your pet with a little extra love and affection.

How climate change can complicate pet ownership

This summer’s bushfires and heatwaves may have led you to wonder how climate change will shape our lives. But have you given any thought to how it might affect your pets?

Dogs really can chase away loneliness

Feeling lonely? A dog may help. Our research out today confirms what many dog owners already know: dogs are great companions that can help you to feel less lonely.
Share your Pet Resume on Facebook

Pet Resume – How to share your resume on Facebook

We've updated our Pet Resume feature to let you show your furry friend off to your friends on Facebook.
Pet friendly: Can our pet dogs pick up on our current mental state?

Man’s stressed friend: how your mental health can affect your dog

If you think your dog looks stressed out, it might be your own stress levels that are affecting your pet pooch. Via The Conversation. Author: Bronwyn Orr (Veterinarian and PhD scholar, University of Sydney). Disclosure statement: Bronwyn Orr...

Pets and Owners – You Can Learn a Lot About One by Studying the...

There’s an old saying that pets and their owners become more similar as time goes by. There may be some truth in that, but can we use information about owners to improve veterinary care? Via...

2019 is the Year of the Pig

In 2019, Chinese New Year began on February 5 and welcomed in the Year of the Pig.  How does the Chinese zodiac work?  The Chinese zodiac moves in a 12-year cycle, so if you were born...