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Love indoor plants, but want to keep your furry friends healthy? Check out these non-toxic plants.

How the presence of pets builds trust among people

Companion animals are a core part of family life in Australia, with almost 6 million households having at least one pet.

Queensland confirms date for rental reforms

The Queensland Government has announced plans to "ensure safety and fairness" in the state's rental market, in response to community consultation.
Why do we need to walk our dogs?

Why do we need to walk our dogs, and how much is enough?

It seems that 40% of Australian dogs are not walked enough and that a similar percentage of dogs are overweight or obese.

9 low maintenance dogs for people who live in apartments

Do you live in a small apartment but love dogs? Good news - the size of your space doesn't mean you need to give up on your pet ownership dreams.

Pet Resume – Create one with your next rental application

Have you had trouble finding a pet-friendly rental property? Pet Resume can help you (and your pet) put your best paw forward in the rental application process. What is a Pet Resume? A Pet Resume is...

5 reasons hiding a pet from your landlord is a bad idea

It can be tempting to sneak your pet into your rental. but there are several good reasons to avoid this.

WA’s tight rental market a hotspot for pet struggles, rental scams

Tenants are being urged to avoid sending money for rental properties they haven't inspected to avoid being targeted by scammers. Lanie Chopping, Western Australian...

Australia’s most popular pet names revealed: Did yours make the list?

Is there a pet in your family named Bella or Buddy? What about a Max or Ruby? Rent.com.au has released the most popular names for pets with...

200,000 Pet Resumes – and Dogs still rule

Dogs reign supreme as Australia's most loved household pet, with cats sitting in second place, according to new data from Rent.com.au.