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6 secrets a building pest inspection report can reveal

Purchasing a property? Here are six secrets a building pest inspection report can reveal.

Your step-by-step guide to end of lease cleaning

The trick to a hassle-free exit from your lease is organising your cleaning regime within a proper timeframe. Use these tips to make your next bond clean a success.

Pesticide-free gardening: Natural ways to fight off pests

Many gardeners have an aversion to chemicals. These gardeners may be devoted to pesticide-free growing, want to plant (and eat) edibles, or simply like the thought of keeping...

Silverfish in your rental: Responsibility and treatment

Silverfish are known for their destructive feeding habits and can cause a serious problem in large numbers – quickly damaging books, photographs, paintings, and other household items containing...

Rats in your rental: Responsibility and treatment

Photo: Unsplash/kirahoffman. Rats can be a persistent pest once they're in your home and can quickly spread diseases and cause damage. If you think you might have a...

Landlord tips to help tenants with termite protection

Tenants whose homes are at risk of termite infestation or landlords who want preventive measures in place. Some tips to help with termite protection.

Green buildings can bring fresh air to design, but they can also bring pests

Throughout the world, architects are designing green buildings, whether it’s in their sustainable construction, environmentally friendly operation or actually green by style. It’s broadly...

Pest control – Who is responsible, landlords or tenants?

A pest infestation in a rental property can cause problems for both tenants and landlords - especially when pest control is required to manage the situation.

7 jobs to tackle around the home in summer

Everyone has jobs on their list that never seem to get done and keep getting pushed further down the list. It is time to make summer 2020 the year these items are ticked off.

How to get rid of moths in your rental

Here's how to tell if you have a clothes moth or pantry moth problem and how to fix it.