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Rental ledger – Why you should ask for a copy

A rental ledger (or tenant ledger) that shows your rent has been paid on time is one of the more valuable things you can have at the end of your tenancy. 

How to write a rent reduction letter

Have rental prices started to fall in your suburb? Or have you lost your job as a result of COVID-19? There could be ways to negotiate a reduction on what you're paying for your home.

No rental history – How to get a rental property

Renting for the first time? If you're starting to apply for properties but don't have rental history to back you up, here's how to show you'll be a great tenant.

How to choose references for your rental application

A great rental application is key to getting the property you want. Once your ID and background checks are done, your references can make or break the deal.

My roommate isn’t paying the rent. What should I do?

"My roommate and I are both on the lease of our rental. But she has not been giving me the rent regularly." We asked Jenni Hansen for her advice.

Will my rent increase every year I renew the lease?

"Should I expect the rent to go up every year that I renew my lease?" We asked Laura McDiarmid for her advice.

The best money habits to have while renting an apartment

Saving money for a home deposit, a new car or a holiday can be tough. If you're renting your home, paying the bills and trying to save at the same time, developing good money habits is key.

How to use tenancy databases accurately and fairly

Tenancy databases are a risk management tool for property managers and owners, designed to screen the tenancy history of prospective tenants.

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Asking for a rent reduction on your lease

If you’re paying the same rent as you were 12 months ago, you might be spending too much. Back yourself up The best way to ask...