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Is there a set vacate notice period in QLD?

We asked director/licensee at Homes4U, Mareea Wilkinson for her advice on this question: What is the vacate notice period in Queensland?

Steps to take when your tenant gives notice to vacate

As a self-managing landlord, it's important for you to be proactive to reduce confrontation and headaches, but also move new tenants into your house without losing weeks of rent. 

Can my agent bring people through my rental when I’m not home?

If you've given notice to vacate your rental property, do you also have to allow the agent to bring prospective renters through the home?

Evicting a tenant: What can we do?

"We have a tenant in our flat who signed a short-term four-week lease. Two weeks in, we've realised they're dishonest and there's suspicious activity happening. We want them evicted, but can we?" Owner, SA Has your tenant...

I want the house left vacant to sell. Can I ask my tenants to...

“I want my tenants to move out during their fixed-term lease because I want the house vacant when I sell. If I want them gone, they should just leave, right?

I need more time to vacate. What do I do?

“What should I do if I need a few extra days to move out of my rental in VIC?” – Tenant, VIC

How much notice must I give to renew my lease or vacate?

“My 6-month fixed-term lease in Perth is due to expire in December, but my property manager has been emailing me since the beginning of August asking what my intentions are at the end of...
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Understanding a ‘Notice to Vacate’

A Notice to Vacate is a notice written by the landlord or property manager giving a notice to leave the premises within a specified time frame. This type of notice is typically given during...