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Gutter cleaning: Who is responsible, landlords or tenants?

"I need a gutter clean. But is the landlord or responsible for clearing gutters during a tenancy, and why?"

7 jobs to tackle around the home in summer 2020

Everyone has jobs on their list that never seem to get done and keep getting pushed further down the list. It is time to make summer 2020 the year these items are ticked off.

Why will my property manager communicate with me?

"What are the main reasons my property manager will need to communicate with me and what form will that typically take?" Owner, WA

Preparing your investment property for summer

If you own one investment property or many, it's important to keep them in good condition, firstly so you attract and retain good tenants...

Natural disasters – Information for landlords

Fair Trading can help you with renting issues in a natural disaster. Fair Trading NSW has prepared the following information to assist you in...