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Landlords: Your rights and responsibilities at the final inspection

When a tenant vacates your property, it’s important to understand your rights and responsibilities to avoid disputes and potentially save time and money.

What’s good for your tenants is good for you

A long-term tenant is every property investor’s dream. Finding great people to occupy your property is about...

Victoria: New rules for gas and electricity safety checks

New rules and processes are in place around gas and electricity safety checks for Victorian rental providers.

Mould in rental properties – Who is responsible, landlords or tenants?

Whether you rent or own your property, it's not uncommon to encounter a mould issue at some stage during the year if conditions become damp.

Screening questions for past landlords, employers and friends

Never underestimate the importance of the screening process when approving a tenant for your vacant rental property.

Plumbing maintenance: Who is responsible, landlords or tenants?

The responsibility for plumbing repairs and maintenance is a frequent point of contention between landlords and tenants. But both parties have a part to play during a tenancy. 

Pest control – Who is responsible, landlords or tenants?

A pest infestation in a rental property can cause problems for both tenants and landlords - especially when pest control is required to manage the situation.

Gutter cleaning: Who is responsible, landlords or tenants?

"I need a gutter clean. But is the landlord or responsible for clearing gutters during a tenancy, and why?"

Steps to take when your tenant gives notice to vacate

As a self-managing landlord, it's important for you to be proactive to reduce confrontation and headaches, but also move new tenants into your house without losing weeks of rent. 

Tyre dumping scam warning for WA landlords

Scam warning: Perth landlords are being reminded to carry out regular property inspections and due diligence when choosing tenants.