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Why more housing stimulus will be needed to sustain recovery

Further investment focused on housing supply, in particular social housing, will be needed to sustain a recovery.

Budget 2020-21: What’s in it for Australia’s renters?

As COVID-19 exposed how important our homes are, Australia was looking for a new approach, but renters may have mixed feelings about the news.

The building process and government grants explained

There's no better time to build a home in Australia with historically low interest rates and a range of federal and state government incentives available, making building a home a lot more affordable.

HomeBuilder: How renters can access homeownership with the $25k government scheme

Are you ready to take the next step on your journey from renting to homeownership? The new federal HomeBuilder scheme, paired with grants and incentives on offer, has provided a unique opportunity for Australian renters.

HomeBuilder misses a chance to make our homes perform better for us

The federal government’s new A$688 million HomeBuilder package might protect residential construction jobs but it’s a missed opportunity to deliver sustainability benefits that would save owners money in the long run.

Opinion: HomeBuilder – a good idea gone bad?

HomeBuilder is a good idea gone bad. It is possibly the most complex and least equitable program the government could have devised to deliver construction jobs.