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Rent versus buy: When rent comes out on top

To celebrate the launch of RentPay, we’re doing the math on renting so you don’t have to....

First home owners guide: 5 tips to get started

Start Point Homes is passionate about helping first home buyers secure their first home.

Money for social housing is key to construction stimulus

There’s no doubt Australia’s construction industry is facing tough times. COVID-19 has caused migration to slow to a trickle.

Negative gearing reforms could save A$1.7 billion without hurting poorer investors

Reforming negative gearing could save the federal government A$1.7 billion without hurting “mum and dad investors”, according to our new modelling, by focusing tax deductions...

What to look for when visiting a display home

Guest post - Smoothstart. Layout A lot of the display homes you will come across will probably feature modern open plan layouts. These home designs have large,...