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Do we choose neighbourhoods to live, work and play in?

Living, working and playing in the one neighbourhood has often been touted as the ideal outcome for well-planned cities.

HomeBuilder misses a chance to make our homes perform better for...

The federal government’s new A$688 million HomeBuilder package might protect residential construction jobs but it’s a missed opportunity to deliver sustainability benefits that would save owners money in the long run.

Opinion: HomeBuilder – a good idea gone bad?

HomeBuilder is a good idea gone bad. It is possibly the most complex and least equitable program the government could have devised to deliver construction jobs.

Life in lockdown has shown us our houses need to work...

As we’ve been living more closely with families and housemates through COVID-19, the more intensive ways we’ve used our houses has perhaps exposed some of their shortcomings.

As coronavirus restrictions ease, here’s how you can navigate public transport...

As coronavirus restrictions continue to ease, one of the key challenges we face is how to deal with people moving around a lot more.

A time to embrace the edge spaces that make our neighbourhoods...

As we emerge from COVID-19 lockdowns, it is timely to reflect on how the design of our neighbourhoods and the ways we interact with them affect our lived experience.

800,000 people ‘rental-ready’ with their own Renter Resume

With almost 60% of Australian renters impacted by COVID-19, many are looking for ways to ensure they present their rental application in a positive light.

COVID recovery: Public transport is key to avoid repeating old and...

One of the many challenges of recovery will be to build on the momentum of the shift to more sustainable practices – and transport will be a particular challenge.

Have a COVID-19 story to share?

Over the next six months, we'll be publishing a series of articles on how we're all coping post-shutdown. We're looking for renters who want to share their story.

Coronavirus has changed our sense of place, so together we must...

People bring cities to life. They interact, work, socialise and travel. Without this, cities are just collections of buildings and infrastructure. This relationship is now on hiatus all over the world.