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As big cities get even bigger, some residents are being left...

The concentration of growth in major cities, driven by the knowledge economy and the changing nature of work, may also increase their social inequality.

Driverless vehicles and pedestrians don’t mix. How do we re-arrange our...

Videos showing autonomous or self-driving vehicles weaving in and out of crossroads at speed without colliding suggest this technology will solve traffic problems.

Own a bike you never ride? What’s holding us back?

Once upon a time when something was simple to do, we said: “It’s as easy as riding a bike.” But nowadays, making the switch is anything but easy.

How we use music to make ourselves feel at home

Just as cities are more than buildings and infrastructure, our homes carry all manner of emotional, aesthetic and socio-cultural significance.

No Australian city has a long-term vision for living sustainably –...

The expanding ecological footprints of the large cities have created unsustainable demands on land to support urban dwellers. And the wastes the cities produce are straining the capacity of the environment to handle these.

Affordable housing lessons from Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore

Affordable housing is a critical problem for Australia’s biggest housing markets. Five Australian cities are in the top 25 with “severely unaffordable” housing.

People want and need more housing options: Opinion

Australians need greater housing diversity to meet their current and future housing needs. Yet increasing diversity, and meeting the need for more smaller dwellings...

Fall in ageing Australians’ home-ownership rates looms

A report released today by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) raises concerns that rising mortgage debt and falling home ownership rates in later life are undermining the role of home ownership in supporting retirees’ financial wellbeing.

What sort of housing do older Australians want and where do...

Australia faces a massive challenge delivering suitable housing for an ageing population.

Focus on managing social housing waiting lists is failing low-income households

A need to manage waiting lists, rather than ensuring positive outcomes for tenant households, strongly influences social housing policy, newly published research finds. This situation...