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I want to break my lease and I found a new tenant: What do...

Photo: iStock/Squaredpixels. “I want to break my lease, and I know someone who wants to take it over. What should I do?” Tenant, WA

If I break my lease, do I continuing paying the rent?

"If I break my lease in New South Wales around 6 months earlier than the official fixed-term ends, would I be responsible for paying for rent for the remaining six months of the agreement...

How to sell your tenanted rental property

Selling an investment property while your tenants are still living in the home can make financial sense if you're an investor. Timing your market move to ensure you are selling at the right time is...

How much will it cost to break my lease?

“I need to leave my property, but my lease does not expire for another two months. What costs am I likely to incur as a tenant in Western Australia?”

Can my tenant break their tenancy agreement?

"Can a tenant break their tenancy agreement? If so, how does it work?" We asked Michael Murray for his advice on this question.

Extra costs for ACT tenants possible under new tenancy changes

Renting in Canberra? As a result of new changes to tenancy law, you could face paying up to six weeks' of rent if you break your lease early.