We’ve all been here. You avoid hanging or folding your clothes until they become an insurmountable pile on your bedroom chair. Here’s how to break that habit.

Photo: iStock/seb_ra.

I’ve only worn it once!

Invest in: A clothing tree, wall hooks for draping or a decorative ladder.

In a mad rush to leave the house in the morning for work, you can’t possibly spare one minute to re-hang that shirt you decided not to wear. Drop your pants, jackets and hats onto hooks and rungs on these pieces of furniture.

The leaning clothes ladder is just as capable of managing your clothes, scarves, towels and magazines folded over the bar, but you could also sneak in some pretty lights along the way.

Similarly to what the ladder does, a clothing rack could be a stylish piece in your bedroom and give you a little extra space at the same time.

A clothes tree looks good in your entryway for storing hats and scarves, but it would function just as well in your bedroom. It’s as functional as hooks on a wall, but the benefit here is that no power tools are involved – that should keep your landlord happy!

It really needs a wash

You need: A stylish hamper that suits your needs.

For a lot of people, the clothing hamper hangs out in the bathroom or laundry room, but if you’re regularly getting changed in your bedroom and winning awards for your floordrobe creation, it might be time to bring it a little closer to home.

If your hamper is in the same room and you’re STILL having trouble with your efforts, why not try an open-top option. Sometimes the small things can make all the difference. You can find these hampers with designated sections for lights and darks. It’s worth the investment to save time and effort in the process.

But I just love my chair

Fair call. A  bedroom chair-shaped clothing rack isn’t SUCH a bad thing, really. In fact, we suppose it’d defeat the purpose of having a chair in the bedroom if you didn’t (neatly) drape your clothes over it. Just do it sparingly and leave some room for sitting – you’ll be fine.