When you are renting a property, it is still vitally important to check the safety of your pool and spa area.

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Make sure that the property owner has installed and maintained a pool barrier and gate that meets the relevant Australian standards. As a tenant, you are required to ensure that the pool fence is maintained and operating correctly.

All swimming pool barrier fencing must comply with the Australian Standard for Swimming Pool Fencing (AS1936). While some of the restrictions put in place may seem strict, they have been put in place for an important reason; to reduce the far too many preventable deaths by drowning that occur each year.

Check that:

  • Self-closing and self-latching devices on pools and spa doors and gates work properly
  • Gates are not being misused by being propped open
  • There are no items that could be used to climb over the barrier within 900mm of the gate or fence; for example, tree branches, pool pumps or pot plants
  • Fences (especially boundary timber paling fences) are in good repair and cannot be climbed

As a tenant, you should:

  • Ensure all gates to the swimming pool or spa area are closed at all times, except when entering or leaving the area
  • Notify your landlord or property manager of any faults with the pool or spa fence, door or gates *
  • If you are unaware of your responsibilities for pool safety, check with your landlord or property manager

*If there is a fault with the fence or barrier (including a gate or door) which causes it to be unsafe, it is an urgent repair and the landlord / property manager must arrange for it to be fixed immediately.

For more information about urgent repairs, check your state Consumer Affairs website.

For current and comprehensive information relevant to your state, visit:


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