As the warm weather starts to thaw us out after a long Australian winter, it’s time to invite a fresh summer feel into your home. Here are nine tips to help you make the most of the warm weather.

If you’re renting, there are some quick, easy and affordable ways to give your home a complete refresh and leave it sparkling at its best for summer.

Tick these simple tips off your to-do list to give your home a total seasonal refresh:

1. Give everything a good clean

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned scrubbing to give your home a new lease of life. You might like to get up close and personal with a few of the neglected items that are sometimes overlooked in day-to-day cleaning.  Look at your windows, gutters and those rarely-used drawers and cupboards which have an ability to attract junk and clutter.

2. Create beautiful outdoor living spaces

Summer is a beautiful season. It’s filled with relaxing moments. So why not bring your favourite indoor items outdoors when you start to make the transition? You could toss your favourite blanket over the back of a chair – consider treating it with a waterproof spray if it’s likely to be exposed to the elements.

3. Create atmosphere at home

Candlelight and fairy lights are essential for the coming balmy nights. Look for strings of lights and wrap them around tree branches or hang them from your balcony. They will define your space and add atmosphere.


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4. Those summer vibes

If you’ve been holding onto those winter decor pieces and dark bedding, now’s the time to put them away. You can create a relaxed, summer vibe by hiding the throws and cushions away until next winter. Replace them with fresh linen and cotton sheets in the bedroom. Light and bright cushions can do a lot for your living room too!


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5. Air it out

One of the easiest and most effective ways to make your home feel (and smell) like new, is to throw open ALL your windows. If you have fans in the house, get those going too. There is no substitute for letting a fresh breeze in and kicking those old germs out.

6. Work a seamless colour palette throughout your house

Having a seamless colour palette throughout your living areas will help to make your spaces feel connected and create a sense of strong continuity. You can never have enough pretty cushions or plants around your house. Look for hardy indoor plants that will bring life to your indoor space, and fill up your garden or balcony with plants.


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7. Enjoy fresh scents

Put a bunch of cheerful flowers in a vase, and your house is instantly given a summery feel! In large rooms where the fragrance won’t be too overpowering, why not try for sweetly perfumed flowers? Even adding a few plants around your rental could make all the difference.

8. Get organised

De-cluttering goes hand-in-hand with cleaning because you have an opportunity to take out items that scream ‘unwanted,’ ‘broken,’ or ‘unnecessary’. Even with the best of intentions, clutter has a way of creeping up on you and multiplying while you’re not looking.

9. Move your art and decor around

They say a change is as good as a holiday – and in this instance, all it will take is a change of art and decor positioning. Look at how your space flows. Could you move your decor around to give your room better flow? Maybe swap out some pieces. It could make all the difference to the feel of a room.


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What’s your best tip to invite summer into the house? Share your ideas in the Comments section below!

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