Seeking some peace and quiet? Photo: iStock/YakobchukOlena.

Australia’s inner-city and suburban neighbourhoods each offer a different experience. Whether you’re after nearby shops, party hotspots, parks for running or a little peace, Lifestyle Gauges are the new way to discover a suburb from every angle.

Lifestyle Gauges comes off the back of‘s Suburb Reviews tool, which launched in late 2017. Suburb Reviews is designed to highlight the key features of a suburb as voted by the most important people – the renters who live there.

We asked you about suburb information you could you grab from the standard census data, but the consensus was that this information could quickly become stale. With a five-year refresh cycle, it’s hardly surprising. Census data can’t always keep up with lifestyle changes in the suburbs we want to live.

RENT’s Suburb Reviews are the opposite of that; real renters are rating each suburb in real time. The information is always current and will show changes in a suburb over time.

To date, users have created over 57,000 reviews across 5,700 suburbs.

Introducing Lifestyle Gauges

RENT’s new Lifestyle Gauges take this information to a new level, as some of the categories in question are naturally opposing (for example – is your suburb ‘peaceful and quiet,’
or loud and vibrant?’).

Lifestyle Gauges present some of that information on a scale, such as: Is the area best for families or singles?

RENT’s customers have allowed Renter Resume to grow into the most comprehensive renter database in the country, and today, Suburb Reviews is also becoming the largest-ever lifestyle map of the places we call home.

Combined with Walk Score, Transit Score, NBN Status and suburb pricing information, Suburb Reviews and Lifestyle Gauges will continue to help you make informed choices.

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