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It is often challenging when you have a beautiful vision for your home but struggle to fit it all into one small space.

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Styling your new space is an exciting way to express your personality, curate a collection of your most-loved pieces, and create a space you enjoy spending time in. But simply because you’re working with a small space, doesn’t mean you need to think small.

Whether you prefer a calm, cosy environment, or an eclectic, vibrant space, we’ve collated our top tips to maximise space, and avoid that all too familiar “cluttered” feeling that can press down on you when you’re trying to bring your décor dreams to life.

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Choose a colour palette… and stick to it…

If you’re short on space, it is best to avoid the overwhelming feeling that comes with incorporating too many competing colours. Determine how you want the room to feel. If you want the room to feel calm and relaxed, choose neutral colours for your décor, if you’re looking to a more up-beat eclectic look, choose a few key colours paired back with lighter neutrals.

Key trends for 2019 styling include rich neutral colours, such as oatmeal, deep browns, forest green and rich purples, as well as vibrant colours such as salmon, neon green and violet. When you’re renting, unfortunately you don’t have much say over the paint on the walls! However, you completely run the show when it comes to the furniture and styling of your new home. Consider incorporating these trending colours into your décor by adding throws and cushions to your neutral coloured couch.

By selecting smaller décor items to pack a stylish punch, you will have the freedom to re-imagine your space as often as you would like by simply changing up your throws and cushions.


Create ambiance with scented candles…

You can create a cosy, relaxed vibe by placing scented candles in every room of your small space. Use them to decorate a bare mantelpiece, place them atop coffee table books, or use them as a source of light in the bathroom.

These large candles throw a beautiful light, and act as a lovely ornament, whether they’re lit or not. Choose a fresh scent, like citrusy Blood Orange and Grapefruit, or go for something more classic, like a subtle Lily and Rose.

Make sure your décor is functional…

To avoid over-crowding your space, ensure you are seeking out decor that is beautiful yet functional. You don’t have the free space to include every stylish home ware under the sun, so focus on choosing pieces that will serve a purpose while simultaneously adding to the overall look of the room.

Choose throws and cushions in an interesting colour (from your pre-chosen colour palette, of course!) or a fun texture, to add interest to something you will need to use anyway! Incorporating this idea will help you steer clear of cluttering your home with other, unnecessary pieces.

An accent cushion, accompanied by a throw draped across your sofa will add a touch of effortless sophistication to any setting and is sure to keep you cosy and comfortable!

Don’t shy away from texture…

Clashing colours and clashing textures are everywhere for 2019! It’s easy to be intimidated by this kind of styling, and while a clash of colours in a small space is likely to make it feel cramped, contrasting textures add simple, laid back style. If you are choosing a new quilt cover, go for something with texture – like a quilted velvet, or a simple Belgian linen.

This texture will add interest and style, while keeping your space in a sense of order, avoiding that cluttered feeling we all hate! Layer these pieces with a knitted throw in a simple colour. You’ll feel the lift instantly!


Incorporate indoor plants into the equation…

Bring the outdoors, indoors, with a few plants to liven the space up. When you are living in a rental, it can be hard to feel as if you have full autonomy when it comes to decorating but bringing your own living plants into your redecorating plan can make the space feel more like home. Use hanging plants to utilise the space you do have!

Try one of these beautiful hanging plants, to add easy sophistication to your space. Or, simply treat yourself to a beautiful bunch of flowers!

There’s nothing more satisfying than a well-styled home! We use our homes to show personality, invoke feelings, and create spaces we enjoy being in. It can be completely overwhelming when you have a vision for your space, only to realise you don’t have the room to execute it properly!

But you don’t need to be held back by the size of your space! By sticking to your colour palette, making your décor functional, adding to the ambiance with scented candles and having fun with textures and indoor plants, your small space will feel big and homely in no time!

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    Thank you so much for such useful tips. We have moved to the house, it is neither small, nor big, and now I want to decorate everything as much as possible to help kids feel at home 🙂