Living in shared accommodation is a smart way to save money while you’re at university – but despite the advantages of having housemates, not everyone is suited to share-housing.

Offering purpose-built apartments, accommodation providers like UniLodge are another popular option for uni students in Australia.  

If you can’t decide whether to live in student accommodation or a share house, knowing the pros and cons of both options will help you make the right choice.

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Pro – Social Opportunities

Broadening your social circle at university can be daunting, especially if you’ve recently arrived from a different city or country. Moving into a share house is an easy way to meet people. Your housemates might start out as total strangers, but living together can help foster a solid foundation for friendship.

Con – Overcrowding

Share houses are notorious for their lack of privacy. You may have to queue up for the bathroom or wait until others are done using the kitchen before preparing food for yourself. If you can’t stand the idea of living in close quarters with people you don’t know, share-housing might not be right for you.

Pro – Reduced Living Costs

Since there are usually more people to help cover rent and bills, share houses tend to come with lower living costs. Surviving on a student budget isn’t easy, but living in a share house can take some of the pressure off your finances.

Con – Bad Housemates

From not doing the dishes to being noisy in the middle of the night, your housemates could have all kinds of annoying habits. Living with badly behaved housemates is always a risk of share-housing.

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Student Accommodation

Pro – Comfort and Safety

With features like access cards and CCTV cameras, student apartments are purpose-built to ensure a high standard of security. If personal safety is one of your top priorities, living in a modern student apartment will help you feel more secure.

Con – Price

Some student apartments come with slightly higher rental rates than share houses. On the bright side, the cost of utilities is usually included in the rent (be sure to keep this mind when weighing up living expenses).

Pro – Independence

Living in a student apartment can help you get the hang of adulthood. In addition to your academic responsibilities, you’ll also be tasked with cooking and cleaning for yourself. These valuable life lessons will give you a great head start on becoming a high-functioning adult.

Con – Reduced Contact with the Real World

Living in student accommodation can be like existing in a bubble. Your whole world may start to feel like it consists of studying, classes and student social events. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as you remember to venture out into the real world occasionally.

No matter where you decide to live, be sure to book your student accommodation early to avoid missing out on the best deals.

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  1. Share housing is ideal if you are in a tight budget. Not all locations is ideal for share housing so if you opted to choose share housing there are several important things to consider.