Winter is over and it’s time to reinvigorate your home with fresh and inviting spring-inspired decor.

There’s no better way to welcome the season than to freshen up your home decor. Here are 6 decorating tips to inspire your next rental rejuvenation project:

Step 1: Let nature come inside

No matter what style of home you’re living in – traditional, cottage or modern – the colours and textures of nature are always welcome.

It’s worth considering adding a little bit of the outdoors into your rooms, even if you’re not the outdoorsy type.

Houseplants are an easy and affordable way to add a touch of nature to your home. Why not add woven elements to bring natural texture into your room? You can also find pillows and cushions with nature-inspired prints.

Photo: Housetohome.uk

Step 2: Consider adding florals

There’s little that feels more like spring than floral patterns. They’re all over spring dresses at the moment – why not give your neutral room a fresh update with a mix of floral-patterned accessories?

Mixing and matching the colours and patterns will create an eclectic look. You could even accessorise with a tea tray and cut flowers arranged artfully in pitchers and teapots around the house.

Photo: Housetohome.uk

Step 3: Go organic

Create an organic-inspired interior with natural finishes around your home. An easy way to do this is by combining light-coloured woods with earthy textures around the walls.

You could add natural wood furnishings, or upholstery in linen and cotton made with environmentally friendly materials. Add in some art pieces with lighting and plants with organic shapes.

Photo: Madeheart.com

Step 4: Bring colour into your home

Look for furniture or decor pieces made with sunny colours to make your room feel alive. Change out your accessories (such as throw pillows) for brighter colours than you would use in winter.

Photo: Pinterest – PBTeen

Step 5: Cut down on the clutter

It’s hard for your space to feel fresh if it feels claustrophobic. A lot of us are guilty of letting the mail pile up or ignoring the stack of books we have good intentions to read.

Pare down your accessories during the warmer months – it will give your home a calmer, fresher approach. A great tip is to clean your windows! A lot of light can be blocked out by dirty windows. Clean windows will help to enlarge and lighten your space.

Photo: Theyknows.com

Step 6: Add your personality to your space

A display of your photos or hobbies will give the impression that someone lives in your home. Keep pictures of your family on the counter, or add your favourite inspirational quotes onto frames.

You could use a fishing rod to hang your curtains, or frame seed packets to display your love of the garden.

Photo: Pinterest