15 free eco-friendly ways to spring clean your home

Ditch the winter cobwebs and dive into a remarkable spring clean. Beyond the usual vacuuming and dusting, equip yourself with strategies to give your home a fresh vibe for the warmer months ahead.

Get ready to revolutionise your cleaning routine with these wallet-friendly and environmentally-conscious tips:

In your kitchen

Tidy up those drawers

To clean your drawers and cupboards, start by emptying them and wiping them down with a solution that’s gentle on the environment. Mix three parts lemon juice, three teaspoons of baking soda, a drop of dishwashing detergent, and a hint of eucalyptus or lavender oil in a litre of water. While cleaning, consider decluttering by removing unused items and throwing away anything broken. Donating items still in good condition is also a great way to reduce clutter and help others.

Oven revamp

Say goodbye to the hassle of wearing a biohazard suit while cleaning your oven. Instead, make a paste using bicarbonate soda and water to remove the grime from the oven walls. Spread the paste over the walls and let it sit overnight. The next day, wipe it down. To clean the glass, use bicarbonate soda and white vinegar for a streak-free shine.

Check expiry dates

Sort through your cupboards, fridge, and freezer to toss anything expired. Arrange items by expiry date and height to avoid neglecting forgotten items.

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In your bathroom

Gleaming grout

For sparkling grout, scrub tiles with an abrasive pad and use a toothbrush for the grout lines. Seal the grout lines to make them waterproof.

Cabinet cleanse

Clear out cabinets, discard expired cosmetics, and clean inside and out. Keep often-used items easily accessible.

Toilet detox

Put on gloves and scrub your toilet using a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Don’t forget to clean the seat and the nooks around it.

In your bedroom

Closet purge

Sweep, wash, and vacuum the floors of your closet. Organise your belongings and donate any items you don’t need.

Bed bug banishment

Get rid of bed bugs by moving the bed, sweeping/mopping the floor, washing bedding in hot water, and exposing it to sunlight.

Window freshness

For a clear view, freshen up your windows by washing them with a vinegar-water solution and cleaning your curtains.

In your living room

Couch cleanup

Clean your couch by vacuuming and washing surfaces, removing cushion covers, and using an eco-friendly solution to treat stains.

Dust and shine

Dust frames, clean glass, and use baking soda to gently remove wall marks for a shiny home.

Handle disinfection

Use a mixture of natural soap and essential oil to disinfect door handles and knobs.

In your home office

Keyboard card

When caring for your keyboard, turn off the computer and use compressed air to remove debris between the keys.

Telephone TLC

When cleaning your telephone, it’s important to unplug it first. Then, disinfect the handset and use a toothpick to reach any tricky spots.

Desk declutter

Declutter your desk by emptying drawers, cleaning with an all-purpose mixture, and organising supplies for maximum efficiency.

In conclusion, sprucing up your home for spring doesn’t have to be expensive or harmful to the environment. Embrace these eco-friendly strategies to welcome the new season with a fresh and clean start. Feel free to share your tips for green cleaning in the comments below, and let’s work together to make spring cleaning a sustainable effort!