This blog post was sponsored by Defence Housing Australia.


With a large investment portfolio, a number of which are leased to DHA, it’s safe to say that Virginia and Kosmos are advocates of property investment.

‘From the day that we got married we had intended to develop property. We thought that we might end up with a couple that we could retire on, but it’s just kept growing,’ Kosmos said.

‘We didn’t know a lot about DHA in the beginning, and we had no idea that DHA leased housing from the public.

‘Now we lease quite a few of our properties to DHA [as part of the DHA Rent Direct program]. It’s great for us because it puts us in a better position to borrow money and go on to other developments—the secure lease and guaranteed rent definitely helps.

‘DHA are particular about where they lease properties and they have to be built to certain specifications, but sure enough when they came to take a look, it met all their requirements and they leased them.’

‘It’s stress-free and for me that’s been the key for our properties,’ Virginia said. ‘I do all the paperwork and property management on our properties, and the DHA lease takes the stress out of things. Even if there is a hiccup, it’s usually ironed out very quickly.

‘DHA make good on their part and we make good on ours, it just works. With so many properties, we prefer to lease to DHA than to lease it privately – that’s the honest truth.’

Attention: Leasing is subject to DHA’s terms and conditions. Properties must comply with minimum housing standards; these may differ between locations. Lessors retain some responsibilities and risks and should seek independent advice. The opinions expressed in this testimonial reflect the experience of these lessors as at August 2014.

This blog post was sponsored by Defence Housing Australia.


  1. DHA. Question of the title DEFENCE, – please explain the meaning ie what does DHA defend ?
    Does it defend ones landlord rights or does it serve as housing for defence personel?