Interested in publishing a sponsored blog post on the blog?’s blog features advice, tips and tricks to assist Australia’s 7 million renters. Housed in either the Renter or Landlord blog category, the sponsored blog post is created in conjunction with Rent’s marketing team and features full branding integration with video and banner advertising permitted.

What’s included?

  • Half-page ads (300 x 600) and video ad units (YouTube or Vimeo) can be embedded in the blog and are Sponsorship (100% SOV).
  • Leaderboard ads (728 x 90) can lead into the blog article and are CPM
  • Sponsored blog content will stay live for one week
  • Inclusion in the monthly renter newsletter
  • Build awareness through our Facebook audience (national/state geo-targeting) for one week to further amplify your message.

>> Download’s Advertising Specifications here >>


  • We permit a maximum of one (1) external “do follow” link to your site.
    This link must direct to a highly relevant domain to Australian renters or landlords/owners and be based in Australia.
  • In most circumstances, we will only allow a backlink to a site with a domain authority above 30. Links to content written by real estate agencies are an exception.

Look at our recent articles for insight into structuring and formatting your piece, and make sure your submission:

  • Is original content and does not violate any copyright laws
  • Is relevant/related to our audience: Australian renters (looking to move), tenants (renting a property), property owners, self-managing landlords, or similar.
  • Is not already covered in an article on the Blog
  • Has a minimum of 800 words (ideally up to 1,000 words).
  • Contains at least one (1) image that is free of licensing restrictions or approved for use on our site.
  • Contains a minimum of two (2) internal links to other content on the blog/website.
  • Is written from an objective point of view and conveys valuable how-to content (practical advice, actionable tips, and helpful know-how) in a fresh, approachable voice. Content in this style is more likely to meet our standards – and therefore more likely to be accepted for publication.
  • Is not overly self-promotional
  • Has a voice. Be bold, interesting and human.
  • Offers a clear argument, not just a list of tips and tricks.
  • Is supported with convincing arguments, not just opinions. Fact-check and cite sources where appropriate.

Post submission

  • Accepted formats: (Word, Google Sheets or PDFs)
  • Point of submission: Contact Ariarna Bartulovic, National Advertising Manager at for information.
  • Important editing information: reserves the right to edit headlines, body copy and anything else. Once you submit a piece of writing that is published, owns the content. You cannot publish the same post anywhere else except on your own website (it helps us avoid duplicate content).

>> Download’s Advertising Specifications here >> is Australia's largest company dedicated to renters and is owned and operated by ASX-listed Limited (RNT:ASX). For over 15 years, has exclusively focused on making renters' lives easier by making it easier to find a property, secure it, move in and pay rent.