Support in your state – South Australia


Living or studying in South Australia? 

There are a number of tenancy support services available to tenants in South Australia.

In any situation, the first step in resolving any problem or complaint is to carefully read the terms of your agreement. It’s always best for you (as the tenant) and your landlord or agent to try to solve any problems between yourselves.

If your tenancy issues can’t be resolved, there are a number of tenancy support services in SA for selected residential tenancy complaints or disputes.

Consumer and Business Services (CBS)

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) gives advice and information to landlords and tenants on:

  • contracts and lease agreements
  • your rights and responsibilities as a tenant
  • disruptive and noisy neighbours
  • bond, rent and other charges
  • options available to help you resolve a problem with a landlord.

Tenants Information and Advisory Service 

The Tenants Information and Advisory Service is a free and independent state-wide service available to low income tenants in private rental, community housing or public housing. They can provide:

  • information and advice on your rights and responsibilities as a tenant
  • support and negotiating with your landlord
  • advocacy at a South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) hearing or appeal.

The Community Mediation Service offers a free and independent mediation service to help you come to a mutually acceptable solution.

South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

SACAT is an independent judicial body that has authority to make legally binding decisions in disputes between landlords and tenants.  SACAT can help with private rental, public and community housing, Residential Parks, Rooming Houses and Lifestyle Villages.

For more information on how the SACAT can help and how to make an application visit the SACAT website.

Legal Advice or Aid 

Get free legal advice or legal aid from the Legal Services Commission.