“Does my agent understand that things like skirting boards in my rental will get scuffed and have dents in them at the end of my lease? I have been in my rental for two years and I’m worried that this could affect my rental bond return.” Tenant, NSW

We asked Webbs Real Estate Senior Property Manager Amy Johnson for her advice.

“As per the Residential Tenancy Agreement signed by the tenant at the beginning of a tenancy, the tenant is required to leave the premises in the same condition as when it was accepted, fair wear and tear excepted,” Amy said.

“Most agents will understand that a small number of scuff marks, small dents and chips, etc. may appear on the skirting boards at the end of the lease, as the property has been lived in.”

“However, it is at the agent’s discretion to decide at what point ‘fair wear and tear’ ends and begins.”

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For instance, Amy said, if the skirting boards were freshly painted when the tenancy began, and are now damaged, dirty and scuffed badly throughout the entire house, this would most likely be damage that the tenant would be responsible for repairing.

“Any disagreements over what is fair in terms of tenant responsibilities and bond claims can be resolved at the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT),” Amy said.

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Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson was the Senior Property Manager with Webbs Real Estate in Gloucester, New South Wales. Webbs Real Estate is an independent, rural and residential real estate agency, servicing the Gloucester district from Nowendoc in the north to Monkerai in the south.