“I have a tenant in a property in New South Wales. I’d like to sell my house in the next few months. What steps should I take to notify my tenants? How soon can they vacate?” (Owner, NSW)

Selling time – What procedures should be followed in NSW?

We asked managing director at Real Property Manager, John Gilmovich for his advice:

“If a New South Wales landlord has decided to sell their property inside a fixed term lease, the tenant cannot be asked to leave,” he said.

“However, if the tenancy agreement has expired, the landlord is required to serve the tenant with a 90 day “no grounds” termination notice.”

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“Once that notice is served on the tenant, the tenant can vacate the property anytime within the 90 day period and is only obligated to pay rent until the date of possession.”

John said that should a landlord decide to sell the property with the tenant still living at the property, then a 2 week notice of sale must be given to the tenant in advance of any ‘open for inspections’ that will be required for showcasing the property.’s Reader Q&A page is the place to get expert advice on tenancy matters, money, repairs and support using If you have a question you’d like answered, email let us know!

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John Gilmovich
John Gilmovich
Founder, Director and Senior Property Manager at Real Property Manager | [email protected]

John Gilmovich is the Founder, Director and Senior Property Manager for Real Property Manager Pty Ltd in Five Dock, Sydney. An independent mobile agency with a purpose to provide personalised property management services to the Sydney property investor community, Real Property Manager is powered by a new innovative property management disruptor- Rent360. John has almost three decades of industry experience and is highly skilled in rental property management and property investing.